Hidden Treasures


During 2007 BJP sought opportunities to “make a difference” to those in need.  We have taken a long hard look to see how both individually and as a Company we could best achieve this.

We have given consideration to several charities but the one that struck a chord, with all the staff at BJP, was the Kiyoola Hidden Treasures Primary School in Uganda.

Kiyoola (pronounced Chiola) is a small village in the southern Ugandan bush, in the district of Mukono, not far from Lake Victoria.  The local people are extremely poor, living in mud brick houses with no running water or electricity, surviving on the equivalent of 60 pence per day.

Since 2003 Uganda Ministries, a locally run Charity, has supported the Hidden Treasures Primary School, which provides basic education for around 120 children between the ages of 5 and 11. Without this fundamental start in life these children would be resigned to a lifetime of poverty.

As well as formal teaching, the School provides each child with one meal per day consisting of maize porridge, which although unpalatable by our standards, provides the necessary sustenance to see them through the day.

Although Uganda Ministries has been able to raise the necessary funds to construct the basic school building, it has become increasingly difficult to fund the teaching staff and the simple school dinner.

BJP and its staff have pledged an ongoing commitment to cover the annual running costs of the School and will be looking to offer further support through fund raising activities for other essential items such as books and teaching materials.