25th Birthday Party

The 12th September saw BJP’s 25th Birthday Bash.

We had an exciting selection of activities this year with Archery, Clay Shooting and Duck Herding. Yes, you read correctly, Duck Herding! We had a local lady come along with her sheepdogs to teach us how to control these talented working dogs to get a flock of runner ducks and a gaggle of geese around an obstacle course.

The ducks managed to avoid the shot guns and most of the arrows were on target, so everyone went home happy.

Another great year on the farm and the sun even shone!

Here’s to the next 25

BJP 25 YR LOGO Andrew C Andrew C 1 A lesson for Nick 2 old ducks 2 Guns Zoe Zoe under instruction Zoe takes aim Zoe spots a new target Zoe hits the target You will break the string! Yes its still up there Mr Benneyworth Wide of the target What - over there Trailer Tractor Tom W3 Tom W2 Tom W1 Tom M Tim Goodwin Tim Goodwin 3 Tim Goodwin 2 This one has got cooper's name on it The old folkes That one up there peter That arrow was bent I tell you Talking behind her back! Steve F Stephen Shoots Clive Woodford Stephen C2 Stephen C1 Stephen C Spectators 2 Simon P Sights Pat Durnford Pardon Nigel P2 Nigel P1 Nigel P Nigel and Dave Nick B Nice with mint sauce Mike rounds up the dog Mike D Mike D & Steve F Martin K Marcus Magpie Ducks Lunatic with weapon Lake Lake 4 Lake 3 Lake 2 Keith P Keith P 2 Keith P 1 Justin W Justin W(2) Justin rounds them up Justin lines up the ducks Jonathan R1 Jonathan R Jon Cryer John Wright learns to Come By John Kitcher or Robin Hood John Edmunds Joanna Joanna leads the whistlring choir Joanna breaks ducks neck Joanna attacks Greame Indian Runner Ducks Indian Runner Ducks (2) How many zeros Group 43 Group 42 Group 41 Group 40 Group 39 Group 38 Group 37 Group 36 Group 35 Group 34 Group 33 Group 32 Group 31 Group 30 Group 29 Group 28 Group 27 Group 26 Group 25 Group 24 Group 23 Group 22 Group 21 Group 20 Group 19 Group 18 Group 17 Group 16 Group 15 Group 14 Group 13 Group 12 Group 11 Group 10 Group 9 Group 8 Group 7 Group 6 Group 5 Group 4 Group 3 Group 2 Group 1 Gone to the dogs Farmer surveys damage Farmer John Expensive Bow Duck Slide Dogs 2 Did someone call David PJ1 David PJ David B Dave plans his duck kebab Darren get his ducks lined up Darren dances wth a duck Darren dances with a duck again Collaborative Working! Clinton swallows his whistle Clinton adjusts some scores Careful - Graeme is behing you Bows 3 Bows 2 Bows 1 Bless, she now needs a stick to get about Arrows Another heavy night Ann R Ann plans a bank robbery Angry old bird Andrew C Andrew C 1 A lesson for Nick 2 old ducks 2 Guns

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