Barton Hill Settlement

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The Barton Hill Settlement acts as both a community centre for local residents and a drop in centre for people with drug addictions. The centre lies in the centre of Bristol and due to limited funding the centre’s main buildings had become very run down over the years.

The Settlement was able to raise capital and reach an agreement with the local NHS trust to fund the refurbishment of the main office buildings. BJP were asked to carry out a full design of the M&E services for this refurbishment.

The Settlement had two buildings to be refurbished. The main building was to have an extra floor added and complete strip down and rebuild. Because of the very limited space pipework and cabling was run through floor voids between floorboards and joists to minimise the visual impact. This required painstaking coordination between all members of the design team. Because some parts of the building were to have public access BJP needed to take into account any potential vandalism or damage that may take place.

The budget for the contract was constrained and there was no possibility of any further funding. BJP had to be constantly mindful of costs throughout the project, providing a design that gave the best value for money for the client.

Because of some problems with the funding the project and financial difficulties with the contractor the project was delayed. Despite these difficulties BJP remained a constant presence throughout, supporting the client wherever possible. At the completion of the project the buildings were transformed from their previous dilapidated state to modern functional offices.

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