Highgrove House

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Woodchip Heating

In March of 2005, BJP Consulting Group was commissioned to undertake an investigation into the feasibility of using locally sourced wood chips to heat Highgrove House and adjacent buildings.

The agreed Scheme was the installation of a wood chip heating boiler in the end bay of a cattle barn, from which the heat, via pre insulated underground heating mains and heat exchangers, would be injected into the existing heating system in the Orchard Room. The Orchard Room is a large function suite on the Highgrove Estate.

As the design commenced, a further request was made not only to integrate solar collection into the system but to locate the solar panels away from view.

The Facts and Figures

Amount of reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions: 23.5 Tonnes per annum
Fuel Cost Savings: £3,000.00 per annum (approx)
Usable Fuels: Various renewable biofuels including coppiced willow and miscanthus, although the system is primarily designed to   burn wood chips.
Role of Solar Panels: Supplementing of hot water production in the summer, when the wood boiler will be shut down and contributing towards   space heating in the spring and autumn.

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