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Road Vehicle Heat Recovery

In a further response to VOSA’s demand for innovation, the Carlisle Heavy Goods Vehicle Testing Station incorporates a unique heat pump, heat recycling system.

The design of the Test Hall is such that warm air from vehicles which are being tested becomes trapped within a “reservoir” in the Roof.

This energy-rich warm air is drawn down into a heat pump and converted to warm water at a sufficient temperature to heat the Office though an underfloor heating system.

This innovation is expected to result in a 75% energy saving, a 25% cost saving and a 30% CO2 saving, this amounts to around 4,500 miles in an average car.


It is anticipated that the mean roof air temperature during the heating season will be between 7oC and 10oC.

The Coefficient performance of the heat pump at this condition will be 4.1, which means we will get 4.1 units of heat energy from the machine for each unit of electricity used.

The predicted energy demand from the Office being heated is 29,722 kWh.

Using the heat pump this will require 7,249 kWh of electricity.

This will cost approximately £725.00 per annum and create 3,892kG of CO2

An equivalent gas fired system would cost £1,010.00 per annum and create 5,647 kg of CO2

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