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The Model Project

As the commission was for a number of similar buildings, BJP took the initiative to create a model ‘project’ whereby the major design decisions could be properly evaluated and discussed with the Client prior to commencing with the building designs.

Analysis was undertaken to support each major design decision in terms of Capital Cost, Running Cost, Construction Programme & Environmental Impact. By defining and agreeing these issues with the team before the first project was designed, we were able to commence within a well thought out and agreed framework.

The Model Project considered:

  •   Energy Sources (fuel choices)
  •   Rainwater Harvesting
  •   Day Lighting
  •   Artificial Lighting (sources)
  •   Heating system type
  •   Materials (plastic pipes etc)
  •   Solar Collection
  •   Fire Alarms/Intruder Alarms/Access
  •   Control
  •   Electrical Distribution

As well as developing innovative approaches, adding value to the scheme, BJP had to sell the concepts to the building users.

Stack Ventilation

In the majority of the test stations, the Client has extensively utilised split DX cooling, something which became an expectation of the building users.

Although we were quickly able to develop passive stack ventilation alternatives, there was a challenge to expound the virtues to the users and get their enthusiastic acceptance of the solution.

Ground floor office spaces have been fitted with 1000 diameter insulated flues with automatic insulated shut-off dampers. In first floor spaces, louvered motorised roof vents have been installed.

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