VOSA Stack Vent

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Mechanical Cooling (Left)                                                                    

  • Bad for the Environment
  • Unhealthy Workspace

Natural Ventilation (Right)  

  • A Green Solution
  • A User Controlled Workspace
  • Opening Windows

The Technical Challenge

A Key Performance Indicator given to the team appointed to the VOSA Estate Refurbishment Programme was to improve the life cycle cost of their buildings.

One of the many measures developed by BJP towards this goal, was the introduction of passive stack ventilation in lieu of the unitary air conditioning that had previously been used by the Agency.

Rather than compromising the Client’s needs by specifying expensive “standard” solutions, BJP designed a specific solution to directly and economically meet the building users’ needs.

The Human Challenge

In addition to the technical challenges, BJP also had to convince the building users of the benefits that the passive solutions would bring.

This task was successfully completed through clear and concise information dissemination which included leaflet distribution, seminars and one to one explanations.

The illustrations above formed part of the information circulated.

Client VOSA

Project Sectors