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In early 2004, VOSA sought to appoint a team to undertake an extensive New Build and Refurbishment Programme.

The Client chose to procure this development programme using a Partnering Agreement whereby the professional and construction teams work together in a fully transparent, open book environment of co-operation.

The Team was named the Trust Partnering Team, a team which included the Client.

This approach to construction procurement has proved exceptionally successful, building excellent professional relationships between the Team members and delivering high quality buildings on programme.

The Client also set stringent and challenging key performance indicators relating to whole life costing for the buildings, the Team continues to exceed expectations.

The Model Project; BJP commenced the appointment by undertaking the conceptual design for a “typical” model project. Analysis was undertaken to support each major design decision in terms of Capital Cost, Running Cost, Construction Programme & Environmental Impact. By defining and agreeing these issues with the Team before the first project was designed, we were able to commence within a well thought out and agreed framework.

Value Engineering; This has become an essential tool in the ongoing, scheme on scheme improvement.  Because the Team is the same for each project, the experience of previous projects is reflected on the subsequent ones. On each scheme, a full day is set aside for all of the Team to scrutinise the services proposals, drawing by drawing, all Team members fully contributing.

Trust: Is an essential ingredient to the partnering arrangement. Trust of other Team members frees people to make decisions, to be innovative and to “do things a better way”. It has only been through the Client’s careful selection of the Team members that this has become possible.

  Construction Through Co-operation Rather Than Conflict Creates a Win-Win for all Concerned

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