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BJP has recently been commissioned by South Gloucestershire Council for the Christ Church Primary School development in Hanham, Bristol. The contract follows on from Education expansion projects that BJP have completed for the local authority over the last decade. The school requires modernisation and improvements as well as general classroom space to cater for the growing form entry in the area.

The contract itself is split into two phases, the first being completed during the 2014 summer holidays, and the second phase commencing later on in the year. The budget for the project is in the region of £3 million.

The first phase consists of a complete mechanical and electrical services replacement in the existing school and remodelling works to enable the phase 2 project to move forward later in the year. The site will require new utilities and infrastructure and must be complete and reopen for the autumn term.

The second phase consists of a new two storey extension which will start on site in September this year and will be completed in July 2015.

The extension will be approximately 1100m2 which will include 4 new classrooms, new auxiliary rooms, and increase the size of the existing hall. Other works to take place during this phase are some minor internal works, re-roofing and some external works. BJP will do a full M&E design for this stage ready for the installation of complete new M&E services to the new extension.

We are pleased to extend our Education project portfolio with South Gloucestershire and once again demonstrate our ability to work with the challenging limited time constraints and operational site issues faced on school projects. There will be opportunities to introduce low energy concepts and technologies to the project including passive ventilation, LED lighting and control systems.

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